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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of eProcurement System for Central PSUs are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 15-May-2019 06:00 PM 24-May-2019 06:00 PM 29-May-2019 11:30 AM [Solar Power Supply for CISF Watch Towers at S.V. Airport Raipur.] [AAI/RPR/E-E/CW/ENIT-06/2019-20][2019_AAI_25637_1] Airports Authority of India||Eastern Region - AAI||RAIPUR - AAI||ENGG ELECT-VARP - AAI  
2. 14-May-2019 05:00 PM 10-Jun-2019 04:00 PM 11-Jun-2019 04:00 PM [Customized Shared In-Building Solutions (IBS) (4Nos) cellular operators at DABH Airport, Indore] [AAI/IDR/COMML/IBS/2019][2019_AAI_25974_1] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||INDORE - AAI||COMMERCIAL-VAID - AAI  
3. 14-May-2019 05:00 PM 27-May-2019 06:00 PM 31-May-2019 03:30 PM [Re-carpeting and Modification of car parking area for traffic flows at Surat Airport.] [AAI/SA/AGM-I/NIT-01/19-20/][2019_AAI_26097_1] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||SURAT - AAI||ENGG CIVIL-VASU - AAI  
4. 13-May-2019 01:00 PM 27-May-2019 03:00 PM 28-May-2019 03:00 PM [HIRING OF VEHICLES CONTRACT2019] [AAI/VZ/CNS/STORES/HIRING VEHICLES CONTRACT/2019][2019_AAI_26046_1] Airports Authority of India||Southern Region - AAI||VIZAG - AAI||CNS-VOVZ - AAI  
5. 10-May-2019 06:00 PM 20-May-2019 06:00 PM 24-May-2019 11:00 AM [Renovation of Community Centre at INA Colony. SH- Electrical and HVAC works] [AAI/SAP/Engg.(E)/INA Com Cen/2019-20][2019_AAI_25668_1] Airports Authority of India||CHQ - AAI||Engineering Electrical - AAI  
6. 10-May-2019 04:55 PM 21-May-2019 03:00 PM 22-May-2019 03:30 PM [Concession of Vehcle Parking Management System Collection of Prking Fees and Access Fees Rights and Lane Management] [AAI/AH/COMML-8.5-Vehicle Parking Rights][2019_AAI_25131_1] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||AHMEDABAD - AAI||COMMERCIAL-VAAH - AAI  
7. 09-May-2019 06:00 PM 20-May-2019 06:00 PM 22-May-2019 03:30 PM [A/R and M/O Civil works at Trichy Airport during the year 2019 - 2020. S.H Civil Repair and Maintenance works in Operational area including Terminal Building, OTB and Cargo.] [AAI/TRY/ENGG(C)/A/R and M/O (OPNL AREA)/19-20][2019_AAI_25978_1] Airports Authority of India||Southern Region - AAI||TRICHY - AAI||ENGG CIVIL-VOTR - AAI  
8. 09-May-2019 06:00 PM 21-May-2019 06:00 PM 27-May-2019 03:00 PM [Hiring of 02 nos. 52 seater buses (non AC) on round the clock basis for CISF at LGBI Airport, Guwahati.] [AAI_GHT_TECH_2019_2][2019_AAI_25948_1] Airports Authority of India||North East Region - AAI||GUWAHATI - AAI||GENERAL-VEGT - AAI  
9. 09-May-2019 04:00 PM 20-May-2019 06:00 PM 24-May-2019 11:00 AM [SITC of LED Light Fixtures at Chandigarh International Airport Limited, Mohali - 160004 (PB) - Phase- II] [CHIAL/Engg. (E)/LED Light Fixtures/2019-20][2019_AAI_25970_1] Airports Authority of India||Northern Region - AAI||CHANDIGARH - AAI||ENGG ELECT-CG - AAI  
10. 08-May-2019 06:40 PM 20-May-2019 11:00 AM 22-May-2019 03:30 PM [Provision of Safety film on over existing frameless toughened glass facade and sun control film over skylight toughened glass at all height of NITB at Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal] [AAI/BPL/ENGG(C)/W-11/2019-20][2019_AAI_25951_2] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||BHOPAL - AAI||ENGG CIVIL-VABP - AAI  
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