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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of Government eProcurement System are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 24-Apr-2018 05:00 PM 04-May-2018 06:00 PM 11-May-2018 11:00 AM [ARMO of Electrical and Mechanical installations in Operational Area, Terminal Building, Residential Colony etc. at M.P. Airport Udaipur (Year 2018-19).] [AAI/UDR/AGM(E-E)/ARMO/2018-19][2018_AAI_9976_1] Airports Authority of India||Northern Region - AAI||LUDHIANA - AAI||ENGG ELECT-LUDHIANA - AAI  
2. 21-Apr-2018 05:30 PM 30-Apr-2018 04:00 PM 01-May-2018 04:00 PM [ARC PAINTING POLISHING WORK AT HOTEL SAMRAT, NEW DELHI] [HS/Civil/ARC/painting/2018][2018_ITDC_10099_1] India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.||HeadQuarter - ITDC  
3. 20-Apr-2018 04:40 PM 03-May-2018 06:00 PM 10-May-2018 11:00 AM [ARMO 2018 20 SH Annual Operation and Comprehensive maintenance contract of HVAC system including Split AC VRF System Water Coolers Water dispensors BMS System etc at Goa Airport Goa] [AAI/GO/ENGG(E)/HVAC/CMC][2018_AAI_9654_1] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||GOA - AAI||ENGG ELECT-VAGO - AAI  
4. 20-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 12-May-2018 03:00 PM 14-May-2018 03:30 PM [UHPLC System] [02/FE/PUR/KMA/17-18(38)][2018_CSIR_10073_1] Council of Scientific and Industrial Research||IITR-Lucknow - CSIR||Purchase-IITR - CSIR  
5. 20-Apr-2018 02:00 PM 02-May-2018 02:00 PM 03-May-2018 02:00 PM [Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of OFC link Network for NAV-Aids at SGRDJI Amritsar Airport.] [AAI/ASR/CNS/Nav-Aids/17-18/ OFC-LINK][2018_AAI_9609_1] Airports Authority of India||Northern Region - AAI||AMRITSAR - AAI||CNS-AMRITSAR - AAI  
6. 20-Apr-2018 12:00 PM 01-May-2018 06:00 PM 08-May-2018 11:00 AM [ Construction of Compound wall at Tuticorin Airport ] [Construction of Compound wall at Tuticorin Airport][2018_AAI_9099_3] Airports Authority of India||Southern Region - AAI||TUTICORIN - AAI||ENGG CIVIL-VOTK - AAI  
7. 19-Apr-2018 06:00 PM 03-May-2018 06:00 PM 09-May-2018 11:00 AM [R and M Electrical Installations at NSCBI Airport Kolkata SH Miscellaneous Electrical Work at WTP STP Old ITB DTB at other area] [AAC/MEW/COMBINE/WORK/18-20][2018_AAI_9697_1] Airports Authority of India||Eastern Region - AAI||KOLKATA AIRPORT - AAI||ENGG ELECT-VECC - AAI  
8. 19-Apr-2018 01:30 PM 03-May-2018 11:00 AM 04-May-2018 11:30 AM [Upgradation of infrastructure (civil work) at Bhagan Toll Plaza (Km. 52.670) on NH-44 (Old NH-1) in the State of Haryana.] [NHAI/PIU/EPE-I/M-74/2018][2018_NHAI_10039_1] National Highways Authority of India||RO-EPE - NHAI||Delhi EP1 - NHAI  
9. 19-Apr-2018 01:00 PM 21-May-2018 11:00 AM 22-May-2018 11:30 AM [Balance work of 4-Laning from Km. 402.000 to Km 440.000 of Gopalganj-Muzaffarpur Section of NH-28 in Bihar, India] [NHAI/BH/WB-10/ Bal/2017][2018_NHAI_10034_1] National Highways Authority of India||Head Office - NHAI||Technical - NHAI  
10. 18-Apr-2018 03:00 PM 28-Apr-2018 06:00 PM 04-May-2018 11:00 AM [Comprehensive maintenance of ION exchange make centralized RO system (200LPH), 25 LPH and Water coolers (40-80 Ltr.) at C.E. Bhuj for the year 2018-2020] [AAI/AGM(EE)/BHUJ/2018-19/01][2018_AAI_9967_1] Airports Authority of India||Western Region - AAI||RHQ-WR - AAI||ENGG ELECT-WR - AAI  
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